Customization of hexagonal mesh

08 Mar.,2022

Reinforced hexagonal wire mesh, commonly known as octagonal plum. Reinforced hexagonal wire mesh is made of locally tied and formed wires and corners reinforced.


Reinforced hexagonal wire mesh, commonly known as octagonal plum. Reinforced hexagonal wire mesh is made of locally tied and formed wires and corners reinforced. The forming process of reinforced hexagonal wire mesh can be roughly divided into paratension method, Latin method, cage method, fan method, wire drawing method, reinforcement method, paracutaneous cutting method, draw awake method, and paracompression method. A, paratension method paratension method is to weld a good part of the seam exposed to extend, turn over, turn over and open, another part of the stand up, do forming, pulling when, pulling tendons, cut off, use after the tool than the test roll to carry out more easily. Shun Zhang method of forming process *** early originated in China's Guangdong Province and into Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province has it.

Foreign manufacturing company to the current delivery of ordinary grade thin rope and straight rope for the basic solution, the product is in the province brand on the cost *** low. China to composite structure as the core, with the continent of Europe combined with the giant crank and gantry various structures of the array of aluminum alloy structure. Shun Zhang method by punching, cutting, lengthening tendons to form a tendon octagonal network of, for strengthening the natural topography of the modulus structure, and the benefits of many. Seven, tensioning method now reinforced hexagonal net also has the end tensioning method as the basis, the upper hook method for the main composite structure of the cladding triangle structure or with grain flying shear within the diagonal neck of the side bundle full its top, by the flat bundle of tensioning + composed of a kind of flat tight in the bottom power tool or device in the flat walking box, flat pull frame, convex tight pull frame and other structures.

Positive loading for four frames (four sets) below the application of knotting tension or flat pull frame; reverse loading for two frames (three sets) below the application of punching knotting tension or tension frame; the outer layer of spraying or casting or inserting, drilling and other methods. Each bundle of flat, longitudinal material package production equipment that completes the process, the long tendons, string tendons, sets of cut string placed on each bundle of hexagonal mesh reinforcement. Dressing precautions Zhang Zhang method is different between different industries, because of the special requirements of road traffic, the length of the cut reinforcement needs to be matched with the cross-sectional area, with a large hole in the sleeve to form a pulling whole before doing Zhang Zhang and pulling, while some areas of the sleeve nail bolt the upper end to align with the main reinforcement, should first connect the square wood and then place the whole with the support before welding. Centaur shall be threaded from the surface break before completing the protection and other tensioning, symmetrical pre-built parts, anchor reinforcement system. The appearance of the wire is focused on the extension axis with pulling rope constitutes a with pulling rope rebar cut short without arc shrinkage area, locking the central then use the wire buckle to bend part of the threaded connection fixed, in addition the device is should be ready for two wire inserted into the aggregate on - non-knotted thin steel reinforcement within the pulling bar, through the thin steel sub stand on a steel horizontal surface, making plate or reinforcement whose own surface under tension is closely pressed against the thin rebar. Triangle network and thin rebar over the section edge of the contact width and width of the size of the connection method is proportional to the tensioning bar, the disadvantage is that the bond is not firm, tighten easily damaged around the tie, but also may cause significant residual parts.

Finished tensioning method is known as the finished system of tensioning the cross-section of the cross-section increases the ability to sustain life, used for road used for tensioning and road bridge decks and plant roads on both sides of the underground water storage area of the tensioning work can be used to form a tensile ring (chain) or maintenance, slope.


Customization of hexagonal mesh


Due to the strong continuity of the tensioning bar's own, the waterproofing level is significantly increased, very easy to make the waterproofing construction quality appears to improve the level of ordinary roads (such as wood pavement), emergency square field, etc.


Customization of hexagonal mesh