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06 Apr.,2023


  • Magnesium oxide ceramics belong to the cubic crystal system, the melting point is about 2800 degree C, the theoretical density is 3.56~3.65g/cm^3, the Mohs hardness is 5-6, the specific volume resistance value is higher at high temperature, and it has good electrical insulation properties. Since magnesium oxide is volatile above 2300 degree C, its use of magnesium oxide ceramic products should be ...

    Production Technology of High-performance Magnesium Oxide Ceramics

    The theoretical melting point of magnesium oxide ceramics is as high as 2800 degree C , and it can work stably to 2400 degree C under the protection of oxidizing atmosphere or nitrogen. Moreover, it has strong resistance to alkali metal slag, has excellent thermochemical properties and stability against metals, and is especially suitable for some harsh occasions where ceramic materials such as alu...

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