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17 Jan.,2023


Colored Reflective Fire Glass

It's a rare occasion to see wood logs in a gas fire pit. This is because the old wood logs are being replaced with fire glass, and with good reason. 

Fire glass is tempered glass that can resist intense heat without burning, degrading, or emitting any chemicals when exposed to high temperatures. There is no ash and smoke to worry about, and it's also more aesthetically pleasing with its many shapes and colors. 

However, with all the different types and brands of fire glass, it's hard to choose the right one. The process of selecting the right fire glass is more straightforward when certain factors are considered. We will discuss the necessary steps when selecting fire glass for your home's fire pit.

Select the type of glass 

Selecting a fire glass type depends on personal taste and aesthetics; each variation will have a slightly different result. For customers that prefer a more traditional look, original fire glass or crushed fire glass can be the right choice. They are both popular in homes. The difference is that the original fire glass is flat on both sides, while the crushed fire glass looks like shattered glass.

For fire pit owners that want a look to fit modern and minimalistic settings, diamond fire glass or fire beads can be a perfect option. The diamond-shaped fire glass and the fire beads produce a bigger flame because of their three-dimensional and rounded textures. Also, they are available in a variety of colors to fit any environment. 

For a more elegant and subtle look, fire dots and fire cubes are the latest options. The glass creates the illusion of a thinner flame, and the fine, straight lines create a pleasant aesthetic.

Decide on the right size

There are many size varieties available. The sizes differ in the thickness of the glass. Small diameters of fire glass, such as 1/4′′ and 3/8′′, are ideal for a fresh, two-dimensional aesthetic and a smaller, more casual flame. Fire glasses sizes 1/2′′ and 3/4′′ create a more three-dimensional effect and a larger flame.

Choose the style

Besides type and size, various finishes can change the overall style of the fire pit. The reflective glass will bounce back the light due to a polished surface with a mirrored finish. This surface reflects the light from your fireplace's flames, producing a vibrant flame show. 

On the other hand, non-reflective glass won't mirror the light and will mainly retain its hue. The semi-reflective glass will offer an in-between look. While it won't reflect all the light, it won't look like non-reflective glass either.

Decide on the blend

There are endless possibilities for combining and blending different types of fire glass.  Combining reflective and non-reflective materials allows for a look that highlights the color of the glass while also allowing the firelight to dance on its surfaces. 

Homeowners can also create custom pallets by combining many hues. However, it's best to avoid using more than two or three colors to achieve a satisfying balance. 

Blending lava rocks with fire glass for an unusual aesthetic is a new trendy choice. The rough stones complement the brightness of fire glass very well.

Are you ready to choose your fire glass?

The possibilities are endless for your fire pit - it all depends on the type of fire glass you choose. Please feel free to contact a stone expert to discover more about the available fire glass varieties.

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