Fiberglass Filter Media For Dust Collection Bags

22 Nov.,2022


fiberglass filter bags

Fiberglass Filter Media For Dust Collection Bags

Separation of solid particles from gases by a textile filter media at a very high temperature is an essential part of an industrial process, Contribute to the recovery of precious material & improvement in pollution control.

In a Fabric dust collector, dust laden gas is drawn through air permeable fabric, normally in the form of a tubular bag of different diameter & length where the gas passes through the fabric & the particles are retained. In this process the gas is filtered & clean gas comes out of dust collector/bag filter.

To meet the government environmental regulation the filtration efficiency of the media is very important.

Our Woven Glass fiber filter media is designed with specific properties like yarn quality & count; Yarn Density; Weave pattern to achieve required parameter for optimum efficiency in filtration. at a temperature of 260º C on continuous rating.

Special chemical finishes are imparted to withstand severe chemical attack, Mechanical Stress & abrasion in extreme condition.

Types of Finishes:-

A} Finish Code: SGT Silicone; Graphite; PTFE Finish

A proportionate mixture of Silicone; Graphite & PTFE which protects media against abrasion; While it provides limited protection against chemical attack, This finish is recommended for Cement & Foundry Industries.

B} Finish Code: PTFE Finish

A ten percent add on of PTFE on the filter media, protects it from abrasion because PTFE encapsulates the glass filament. Recommended for utility based load boilers

C} Finish Code: AR: Acid Resistant Finish

This is formulated of a mixture of Silicone; Graphite; PTFE & an Acid resistant polymer, This prevents Filter media against severe Acid & Chemical attacks while also reducing abrasion, Recommended for Industrial Boiler & Carbon Black

Expanded PTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass Fabrics

The main challenges faced by Fiberglass Filter media were short bag life due to acid attacks which corrodes the glass filament, Also as pollution norms became more & more stricter, ePTFE Membrane laminated Filter Media is the need of the hour.

ePTFE membrane filter media can bring about a wide range of benefits for your fabric
Filter baghouse, the unique structure of our membrane prevents the penetration of fine dust particulates into the supporting substrate and facilitates excellent cleanability due to their non-stick

Depth Filtration Vs Surface Filtration

ePTFE Membrane laminated filter media operates by utilizing surface filtration principles. The membrane on the filtering surface of the media prevents penetration of fine particles into the substrate. When cleaned, there is a near total removal of dust from its surface. It is this twin-action characteristic that enables ePTFE membrane laminated Filter Media to increase airflow without compromising baghouse DP. The permeability of media is maintained at all times and so DP is not only lower, but is kept constant throughout the life of the filter elements.

Below images display the effects of ePTFE Membrane laminated Fabric on the Baghouse.

Filter Media Technical Data Sheet

Products GSM Weave Pattern Finish Code Loss on Ignition % Thickness in mm Air Permeability L/dm2/min @200 Pa Tensile Strength Mullen Burst Strength Kpa Temperature Available Widths mm Warp N/2.54 CM Weft N/2.54 CM Continuous deg C Surge Deg C Fiberglass Filter Media for Reverse Air Baghouse Application ARF-350(1x3)RH 350 (1x3) RH Twill AR 8% 0.34-0.37 250-400 930 + 980 + >2950 260 290 1040mm;2040mm PTFE-350-(1X3) RH 350 (1x3) RH Twill PTFE 8% 0.34-0.37 250-400 930 + 980 + >2950 280 310 1040mm;2040mm SGT-450-(1x3)RH 450 (1x3) RH Twill SGT 8% 0.40-0.45 250-400 1760 + 1175 + >3950 260 290 980mm SGT-520-(1X3)RH 520 (1x3) RH Twill SGT 8% 0.45-0.50 250-400 1760 + 880 + >2950 260 290 980mm ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass Filter Media for Reverse Air Baghouse Application eARF-350-(1x3)RH 350 (1x3) RH Twill ePTFE + ARF >10% 0.34-0.36 19-35 930 + 980 + >2950 260 290 2040mm ePTFE-350-(1x3)RH 350 (1x3) RH Twill ePTFE + PTFE >10% 0.34-0.36 19-35 930 + 980 + >2950 280 310 2040mm Fiberglass Filter Media for Pulse Jet Baghouse Application SGT-600-DFT 600 Double Fill Twill SGT 8% 0.50-0.60 250-400 1760 + 1760 + >5400 260 290 1040mm;1650mm SGT-830-DFT 830 Double Fill Twill SGT 8% 0.65-0.75 190-300 1760 + 2250+ >5400 260 290 1040mm;1650mm ARF-830-DFT 830 Double Fill Twill AR 8% 0.65-0.75 190-300 1760 + 2250 + >5400 260 290 1040mm;1650mm PTFE-830-DFT 830 Double Fill Twill PTFE 8% 0.65-0.75 190-300 1760 + 2250 + >5400 280 310 1040mm;1650mm ePTFE Membrane Laminated Fiberglass Filter Media for Pulse Jet Baghouse Application ePTFE-750-DFT 750 Double Fill Twill ePTFE + ARF >10% 0.65-0.75 19-35 1760 + 2250 + >5400 280 310 1040mm;1650mm eARF-750-DFT 750 Double Fill Twill ePTFE + PTFE >10% 0.65-0.75 19-35 1760 + 2250 + >5400 260 290 1040mm;1650mm

Stitching Thread

Stiching thread is a most important member of the filter bag, It must withstand very high temperature, abrasion and should not giveaway during entire operation of Bag. We offer 100% Pure PTFE Stitching thread & PTFE Coated Fiberglass Stitching thread. 1250 Dernier & 1570 Dernier pure PTFE Thread are most commonly used and are ideal to withstand extreme conditions.


  • Refineries
  • Basic power generation
  • Large utilities
  • Asphalt production
  • Carbon black production
  • Co-generation
  • Industrial boilers