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22 Nov.,2022


fiberglass filter bags

Fiberglass Fabrics for Gaseous Filtration

By definition filtration means removing one substance or material from another generally by a mechanical or physical operation. The process of air filtration involves separation of solids from gases by interposing a barrier through which only the clean gas can pass. This barrier is known as a filter medium. A filter medium must satisfy the requirements of efficient flow rate, satisfactory mechanical and chemical resistance and quality of filtrate or cake. Dust particles pollute the air and therefore adequate filtration is necessary prior to their discharge. Environmental regulations have become more demanding and it is our moral responsibility to save and protect our environment. It is obligatory on the part of industry to ensure that air being emitted is clean, without dust or harmful chemicals.

‘Baghouse’ is a generic name for Air Pollution Control Equipment. Fabric filters commonly known as bag-houses comprise an array of long narrow bags that are suspended in large enclosures. Several bags typically in the diameter of 120mm to 400mm and length of 2mtr to 10mtr are arranged vertically in this enclosure. These bags are used to filter dust particles from dusty gasses. Dust laden gas enters the baghouse and pass through the fabric bags that act as filters. The gas passes upwards/downwards through the bag and leaves behind a cake of dust outside/inside the bag. Common types of Bag-houses are Mechanical Shaker, Reverse Air, Pulse Jet and the new Hybrid bag-houses.

Filter Bags are woven or non-woven in nature. Urja is in the field of manufacturing only woven fabrics from Fiberglass. The count of yarn and weave pattern can be altered to determine the pore size for filtration. Fiberglass is strong, durable, chemically resistant and non-hygroscopic in nature. Long tubular bags stitched from Fiberglass Fabrics are used for hot flue gas filtration. Special finishes or coatings are imparted on theses fabrics to ensure adequate filtration. A commonly used mixture of graphite, silicone and PTFE has been used since many years. Urja offers specific fabrics for demanding applications and chemical attacks.