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26 Sep.,2022


Conference Room Monitors

Large 65" or 75" professional interactive display for communicating and collaborating



Sma X Series monitor: the touchscreen for the corporate and IT sectors


Large 4K touch screen monitors became part of many business functions: lobby, reception, conference room, meeting room.

For corporate and product communication and for meetings involving participants, also active with their own devices , to send notes, changes to projects, or for multi-device discussions.
For more fruitful collaborations in team-based work environments, for architectural or engineering firms, for co-working spaces.

More interactive and engaging meetings and workgroups, with information and documents that can be easily shared on the screen and with other devices.

Possibility of annotations and screen mirroring from other device.

Flawless tool for Audio and Video: Thanks to the integrated video camera in the monitor frame and the array with 8 integrated omnidirectional microphones , the SMA X Series Interactive Monitor is a flawless 16: 9 display for audio and video when videoconferencing with multiple people.


Choose the SMA X Series Monitor model that best suits your needs.



Some advantages and pluses of the SMA X series Interactive Monitors by SmartMedia

  • Images, videos, documents easily viewable in 4K
  • Camera and array of 8 omnidirectional microphones integrated into the monitor frame
  • Screen mirroring using the Eshare PRO App
  • Multi-touch, Fast and precise with a pointing accuracy of less than a millimeter and 3ms response time.
  • Environmental sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
  • MicroSD card reader for memory extension


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