How are holographic stickers made?

22 Nov.,2022


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Security hologram stickers – how are they different?

What is a security hologram?

Security hologram stickers are often used in official documents like diplomas or certificates to show authenticity. They are also commonly used on various products and packaging. These stickers are hard to counterfeit, giving brands a level of original product protection.

How are security hologram stickers made?

These stickers are made using a metalized film. This is a thin layer of clear plastic, usually polyester, with an ultra-thin layer of metal applied to it. This material is run through a set of embossing rollers to add your design It can also be done with a laser. This embossing, or etching, shows your design when light hits the surface & diffraction of the light occurs.

These stickers do an amazing job, however, to get custom security stickers made is not a cheap process. Embossing rollers have to be made with your design engraved onto it. As you can imagine this is not a cheap or quick process and is only economically viable for large quantities of stickers. For example, starting quantities can be 30,000, with a cost close to £2000.