How important is the color matching of paper packaging

06 Mar.,2022


Different people's love for color is different, and scientists have found that color can directly affect people's emotions. Among the colorful colors, some can arouse people's vigorous energy, some can lower people's emotions, some can arouse people's anger, and some can stimulate people's digestive function. The color matching of paper packaging is also very important, and pleasing colors can evoke the desire of buyers.


Professor Francos Bara, deputy director of the Laboratory of Applied Physics at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and a member of the International Color Association, said: "The emotional anxiety caused by color perception can be seen on the electrocardiogram." Biology, University of Alberto, Canada Professor Arott Wolfat pointed out: "In the red environment, the rhythm and pressure of the heart's pulse beat are increased by 17% each. Red is exciting and easy to cause anger."

How important is the color matching of paper packaging


Most African countries love bright colors, but among them, Nigeria, Togo and other countries believe that red means witchcraft, devil and death. In Venezuela, Latin America, yellow is banned, while in India, yellow is popular in India.


Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia like to use red and green instead of white. Myanmar and Thailand like bright colors. Turkey uses crimson, white and green. Syria prefers blue, blue, and crimson, and avoid white. Iraq funeral in black. Pakistan prefers emerald green and avoid yellow. Italy and Austria prefer green. Germany prefers black and gray. Spain prefers black. France prefers gray. Switzerland. No black. Peru avoids purple. Sweden does not use blue and yellow. Egypt avoids blue. Greece prefers white and blue. Mexico prefers red, white and green. The Netherlands prefers orange. Bulgaria prefers gray-green, brown, but not bright colors. Morocco prefers a slightly darker color.


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