You Can Now Print Holograms Using Your Computer

22 Nov.,2022


holographic printing paper

First things first, what is a hologram?

"Holography has come to take on two meanings in our culture," explains the company. "Firstly, it means wavefront reconstruction by interference and diffraction/reflection. More widely, it has come to mean the ultimate 3D imaging method of the future, and it stands as an optimistic hope for the progress of our science and technology relating to everyday life." 

With regards to LitiHolo's printer, it seems to meet both of these definitions made by the Art and Science of Holography.

How to print 3D holograms

The 3D Hologram Printer works by taking multiple perspective images, or video footage. It then slices these images into unique recordings for each individual pixel on the hologram — which is called a hogel or hologram element — and each hogel's size is 0,03x0,03 inches (1x1 mm).

The printer then optically encodes this hologram element using laser light onto the hologram film. 

This film is LitiHolo's self-developing material that makes clear, bright holograms. As it's exposed, it develops simultaneously. The hologram can be seen as soon as the process is complete. There's no waiting around here.