Influence of Natural Aging Processes in Steel Cord Conveyor Belt on Adhesion Between Core and Covers

30 Dec.,2022


steel cord conveyor belt


The paper presents the results of tests on the changes in adhesion strength of the rubber covers to the core of a conveyor belt type St 3150. The investigations focused on four conveyor belts from the same manufacturer, produced in 1987, 1998, 2007 and 2016. The tests demonstrated that the values of adhesive strength decreased with time. The decrease of this parameter was caused by the natural aging of belts operated in a mine and therefore exposed to various atmospheric factors such as variable ambient temperature, snow, rain and solar radiation. The results of adhesion strength tests of the cover to the steel cord served to evaluate the usefulness of such belt in further operation on belt conveyors. The evaluation was made with regard to the admissible values for belts operated in a mine.