News of Car Paint Protection Film Manufacturer CLIFDESIGNS

14 Mar.,2023


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For over ten years, premium protection film supplier Clif Designs has been providing vehicle owners with the tools needed to protect their paintwork. Now, the innovative brand is excited to be unveiling the latest product to be joining the range, the all-new Carbon PPF Series. Unlike traditional matte or clear gloss, this new option will provide car owners with a stunning carbon fiber pattern.

For the last decade, Clif Designs has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of paint protection film. Continuously developing and pushing the boundaries with their products, the team at Clif Designs are helping to revolutionize how car owners protect their vehicles.

Now, the highly experienced team is excited to unveil the latest product to join its ever-growing range, the all-new Carbon PPF Series. Created with the same care and attention as the rest of their renowned range, this ground-breaking new film is the ultimate solution for car owners who are looking to create a beautiful finish while still protecting their paintwork.

Made from a special Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), the carbon effect film is available in a wide range of colors, ensuring that vehicle owners are able to create the perfect look for their car. Once applied, the new Carbon PPF Series forms a unique texture of carbon fiber while offering unrivaled durability and protection. 

The highly durable and thick film reaches 8 mil which, combined with the Clif Designs Scratch and Pollution Control (SPC), ensures maximum stability. The Carbon PPF Series film also helps to protect the vehicle from harmful chemicals, scratches, and stains. The film also has self-healing, anti-contamination, and hydrophobic properties, ensuring that it now only offers the very highest level of protection, but it can also be used across the exterior and interior.

The revolutionary new paint protection film is available in a black or transparent finish, while there are a range of textures, including Gloss Carbon Black, Matte Carbon Black, Cleare Carbon Gloss, and Clear Carbone Matte. These colours can be used across any style or color of car, ensuring there is a solution for every vehicle and style. While the film creates a carbon fiber effect, the paintwork remains completely smooth to the touch.

Every car owner will know that dreaded feeling of returning to their pride and joy only to discover that there is a scratch or mark on their paintwork. The Clif Designs solution helps to protect the paint, ensuring that the vehicle is always looking as good as the day that it was driven away from the dealer.

To help owners keep their vehicle looking its very best, the anti-contamination feature ensures that contaminants can be easily wiped away. The hydrophobic properties also guarantee that rainwater will be able to run off the paintwork, preventing any marks from appearing. The Carbon PPF Series also features unique resistance from stains such as dirt, bug splatters, and oil.

To give customers complete peace of mind, the Carbon PPF Series comes complete with a seven-year warranty against delamination, bubbling, cracking, and yellowing. This guarantees that drivers can relax knowing that their vehicle is going to be completely protected for many years to come.

Speaking on the launch of the new range, [KD Yun, International Sales Team] at Clif Designs added, “We are really excited to be launching the new Carbon PPF Series. This all-new product has been specifically designed to provide our customers with the very best paint protection film on the market.

Our unique solution is able to fully protect the paintwork on any vehicle, while the new carbon effect helps to create a beautiful finish to the car.”

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