Screw Closure

12 Oct.,2022


Plastic Closure with Valve

Plastic Closure with Valve

The screw closure is a common type of cap to close a bottle or another kind of packaging. It is widely used because of its versatility: this closure comes in many forms and can be manufactured from various materials. These include several kinds of plastic and metal. Berlin offers you a wide selection of these closures to finish off your packaging materials.

The screw closure

Though often overlooked by consumers, the screw closure is an important part of packaging that protects the content. At Berlin, we believe the screw cap is just as important as the rest of the packaging. That is why we take as much care producing them as, for instance, our bottles and jars. In our product range, you will find a large assortment of screw closures with various options, such as a closure with a:

  • Smooth side
  • Ribbed side
  • Smooth top
  • Matte top

Of course, you can also choose a tamper evident or child-resistant closure. To match your brand and product design, we can make a closure in any color you desire. Look for it in the product catalogue or request a custom-made solution.

Ask to receive a sample or quote

To make sure our caps and closures meet your expectations, you can always request a sample. Once you are satisfied with the quality, you can request a quote through the contact form or by phone. Call +31 (0) 24 344 2360.