Types Of Traffic Cones: Why are there different coloured Traffic Cones and what do they mean?

18 Nov.,2022


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Types Of Traffic Cones: Why are there different coloured Traffic Cones and what do they mean?

The Different Types Of Traffic Cones

As of late to help with the wellbeing and organisation of our public highways, the Highways Agency has introduced the colour coding of large traffic cones we're all now well used to seeing. The cones when utilized accurately go about as a manual for the site workers eye.. telling of site openings, no stopping and feature basic changes around the area.

Here's a quick and easy guide to top up your knowledge of road safety and the cones brightening up our roads:

Green and White

Produced to indicate an opening to access lanes, they are often observed on motorways amid roadworks. The cones will be placed out on road works or construction sites to let workers know where the entrance and exit points are.



Yellow and White

These cones show that no stopping is allowed – essential in regions with a substantial volume of traffic moving at high speeds. 

Blue and White

These cones are used to make road users and road workers know that there is a hazard or danger around them. They are made aware of overhead structures such as bridges and power lines. As standard, they are fitted with the reflective sleeves but you may also find them with yellow 'Danger Overhead Cables' sleeves or 'Danger Overhead Structures'


All of the coloured traffic cones above will be available in both 750mm and 1000mm sizes. Both sizes will be fine for use on 30mph roads in the UK. However for road works on highways with a higher speed limit than 30mpg the 1000mm road cones will be needed as these offer greater visibility to road users making them a safer choice.

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