3 Types of Mezzanine Warehouse System to Expand Your Space

15 Nov.,2022


pallet rack mezzanine

3 Types of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems to Expand Your Space

When your business starts to grow beyond your current means, there are a few options for expansion. Some business owners begin to consider changing their location or undergoing expensive construction. However, these aren’t the most efficient options! Instead, installing a mezzanine warehouse system may be just the right solution.

A mezzanine system consists of several open, raised platforms supported by columns and beams, which creates extra space. Factories and warehouses use industrial mezzanines to create extra storage. There are so many benefits to this space-saving solution. Along with all of the other considerations associated with growing your business, look into a mezzanine warehouse system before investing in a costly renovation or relocation.

Below are the three main types of mezzanine systems that could be right for your space.

Catwalk Mezzanines

This type of warehouse mezzanine system consists of high-rise racking or shelving. The decking is placed only in aisles. It requires the shelving to be the same on all levels. This makes catwalk mezzanines less expensive to construct. This type of mezzanine is commonly used for:

  • Small automotive parts
  • Sheet metal
  • Pipes and exhausts
  • Tools
  • Sample product
  • Archived product
  • Any common-sized items.

In addition, these systems can be constructed either double or triple-level. They require stamped and sealed drawings from an engineer. The engineer must be registered in the state and be familiar with local code compliance.

Shelving-supported Mezzanines

Shelving-supported mezzanine systems consist of the second floor of decking over an entire lower level of shelving or pallet rack. The second level consists of rack, shelving, offices, or work areas. They allow for relatively unlimited placement of items on the second floor. Typical applications include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Spare parts
  • Modular offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Breakrooms in warehouses where the capacity will not exceed 125 pounds per square foot.

These multi-level systems may require stamped and sealed drawings from an engineer. The engineer must be registered in the state and be familiar with local code compliance.

Structural Mezzanines

Structural multi-level mezzanines maximize floor space and take advantage of unused overhead space. These systems can be a cost-effective alternative to new construction. They allow for unlimited placement of:

  • Shelving
  • Racking
  • Modular or stick-built offices
  • Production equipment
  • Inventory above and below the deck

These multi-level systems may require stamped and sealed drawings along with footing designs. This ensures that the concrete floor will withstand the column loads.

Column spacing on the ground floor will vary depending on:

  • Door locations
  • Equipment locations
  • Existing building columns locations
  • Offices

The load on these columns will vary according to the mezzanine design capacity and the column layout. It follows that columns on the perimeter of the mezzanine will support either half or a quarter of the load compared to the interior columns.

How to Choose the Right Mezzanine for Your Space

To choose the right mezzanine for your space, consider:

  • Your budget
  • Picking operation
  • Type of product to be stored
  • Building clear heights
  • Local building codes

The best way to determine the right product for the application is to ask an experienced professional. A professional will answer your questions, interpret the data, and determine the right storage system for your space.

A combination of these types of mezzanines may be the best solution. Often, structural mezzanines are combined with catwalk or shelving supported mezzanines. As a result, this provides work areas to unpack and check inventory in, pick, merge, and pack orders, and ship merchandise out. Each of these mezzanine products is flexible and can be dismantled and moved from one facility to another.

Strongbox Mezzanine Systems™

When your growing business demands additional storage space, Strongbox Mezzanine Systems offer an alternative to expensive, inconvenient facility renovation or warehouse relocation. Engineered with the strength of structural steel at a more affordable cost, a prefabricated Strongbox Mezzanine system transforms any unused space. Your business will have a new vision tower, office, warehouse, storage, cafeteria, or production area.  With this solution, you can double your storage capacity in any new space! This type of free-standing mezzanine is capital equipment. This means you can avoid additional property taxes and take advantage of more favorable depreciation rates.

Strongbox Mezzanine Systems install easily and quickly. They integrate with pick modules, conveyors, and rack or shelving systems. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your inquiries, assess your needs, and respond quickly to requests for quotes. We will deliver and install your Strongbox system in as little as four weeks from the initial order without any back-ordered parts. To learn more, contact us!