The Benefits of a Mezzanine in Your Warehouse

15 Nov.,2022


pallet rack mezzanine

A mezzanine is an elevated platform designed to use the vertical space in your facility. It is located between the floor and ceiling and can be freestanding on columns or attached to walls. It typically only covers a portion of the open space, not the whole area. A mezzanine can be made out of roll formed or structural steel, and there are many different types of floors available as well. There are great reasons to use a mezzanine in your warehouse, as you’ll read in this post.

The main benefit with a mezzanine is extra storage space. Since it is up in the air, you can still use the space underneath, but now you have all the extra room the mezzanine floor provides. If your warehouse is running out of room and you have tall ceilings, it can be easier and more cost effective to add a mezzanine than to move to a new building, or have construction on your current one. Shelving and other storage units can go on the mezzanine to take advantage of all that previously unused space.

Your mezzanine can be customized for your warehouse, and is pretty easy to install and flexible to move or add to later. They can be designed around existing machinery and equipment to make the most efficient use of your space. Stairs, lift gates, and pallet drop zones can be added depending on how you are using the mezzanine.

There are a few things we would need to know before designing your mezzanine. First, how will you be using the space? What will you be storing on it? We would also need to know the type of equipment you will be using. All of this is necessary to make sure the mezzanine is as safe as possible and has the right load rating.

Mezzanines are not just utilized in an industrial setting. They can also be used in retail, restaurants, sport facilities, gyms, and more. Contact us if you think your space would benefit from having a mezzanine installed, and we can help you get started.