Warehouse Mezzanine Floors & Raised Storage Areas

15 Nov.,2022


pallet rack mezzanine

Increased Floor and Storage Space – An obvious benefit of the installation of a warehouse mezzanine floor is the increased floor and storage space. You can significantly increase floor space by using unoccupied vertical areas. This avoids the need to move to a bigger, more expensive building while allowing for expansion. Mezzanine floors can be built on long span shelving or rack supported structures. These options can provide up to double the storage space by utilising the foundation of the mezzanine floor as shelving.

Increased Return on Investment – The addition of a mezzanine floor to any warehouse or distribution centre will result in an increased return on investment. Increased floor and storage space of up to 50% allows for faster product turnover with more materials able to be stored at any given time. With the right equipment such as a goods lift or conveyor belt, the raised storage space can also increase productivity. This is because this setup lends itself to quicker packing and picking speeds than a single level warehouse with equal storage space.

Building Maintenance – Building a warehouse mezzanine floor allows your business to expand without upsizing. A smaller building often means less maintenance. Additionally, depending on the size of the mezzanine floor, you can avoid the need to secure new planning permissions.

Customer Retention – A Warehouse mezzanine floor can be used to avoid warehouse relocation. This can be beneficial to your business both financially and logistically. On top of the above benefits, avoiding relocating means avoiding the customer loss that can often come with changing premises. By remaining in the same location, you’ll continue to reap benefits of the local presence you’ve already built.