Why and How to Choose a Mezzanine for Your Warehouse

15 Nov.,2022


pallet rack mezzanine

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Warehouse Mezzanine?

Mezzanines come with huge advantages for warehousing operations of all sizes. The most obvious benefit offered by mezzanines is the ability to increase storage space and capacity.If you choose not to install a mezzanine, you may have to move, redesign your space, or build additions onto the warehouse for more room. These solutions can often come at a steep cost. You will also have to deal with the costs associated with downtime or limited operations due to the move or heavy construction. Instead, install mezzanines to take advantage of the space you have.Additionally, with a mezzanine system, you save on other costs that can come with redesigning or moving your operations. For example, you won't have to pay additional HVAC costs that would come with a larger facility.Certain types of mezzanines can also improve the flow and efficiency of your warehouse operations. Mezzanines also give you the ability to add functionality to your warehouse. For example, certain mezzanines can include a modular office or another facility you need inside the warehouse itself. Speak with an expert to learn how to use mezzanines to improve your operation's efficiency.

What Are the Different Types of Warehouse Mezzanines?

Various types of mezzanines exist. Here are some of the different warehouse mezzanine options available to you.

Freestanding Mezzanines Will Give You a Whole New Floor

The freestanding or structural mezzanine can give you another floor in your warehouse. These mezzanines have a wider design, so you can still make use of all the space below the mezzanine as well. The modular nature of these mezzanines makes them portable as well. You can erect your mezzanine for specific purposes and move it if the need arises.

Rack-Supported Mezzanines Can Create a Floor from Existing Pallet Racks

Rack-supported mezzanines or catwalk systems make use of your pallet racks to form a storage area above them. The racks create and support the mezzanine floor. The overhead space will give you a fresh storage option.

The rack-supported mezzanine will also make it easier to manually load or unload pallets. In this way, the mezzanine adds more cost-effectiveness to your pallet racks.

Shelving-Supporting Mezzanines Are Ideal for Pick and Pack Operations

A shelving-supporting mezzanine can increase your shelving space. These mezzanines are ideal for warehouses that stock smaller item. Shelving-supporting mezzanines can sit alongside your other dedicated shelving. These mezzanines, like the rack-supported ones, can also use your existing shelving as support for an additional storage level.

Other Mezzanine Types and Custom Options Exist As Well

Many other types of mezzanines exist. Depending on the space you're working with and your overall goals, you can often find a mezzanine solution that fits perfectly. If you can't find a suitable solution, or you need some changes to a traditional type, you can always go the custom route.