8 Best Roller Blades for a Full-Body Workout

17 Jul.,2022

Roller blades are having a major comeback, and it's easy to see why: they offer a great full-body workout. These are the best rollerblades on the market today.


Looking for a new way to get some exercise this spring? Roller blading is a fun, affordable way to get a full-body workout practically anywhere. Many ’80s and ’90s babies probably roller bladed at some point as kids, and the once-popular sport has had a recent resurgence in popularity.

Today, there are tons of roller blade options to choose from, boasting superior technology that has made them more comfortable and easier to use; these upgraded blades are also more stylish than their bulky predecessors. Since there are tons of roller blade options out there, we’ve gathered our favorites to help you choose the pair that’s right for you.

Best Roller Blades

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    How We Selected

    To find the best roller blades among the many options on the market, we researched the most popular models available, consulting more than 20,000 reviews written by people who’ve bought these models on sites like Amazon. We then took into account price, design, fit, function, and support to bring you the roller blades you'll find below.