What is the difference between water resistance and wind resistance?

25 Dec.,2021


1. Principle

1. The principle of is to use the rotation of the blades in a closed water tank to form resistance. The resistance is adjusted through the control of the water volume, the movement of the blade angle, and the change of the pulling speed.

2. The principle of wind resistance is to use the fan blades in the wind direction to agitate the airflow to form resistance, and to realize the resistance adjustment through the control of the air outlet air volume and the change of the propeller speed.


2. Authenticity

1. Due to the high degree of simulation of resistance of water resistance and the sound of water, the degree of realism is much higher than that of wind resistance.


3. Resistance distribution

1. In the rowing cycle, the overall uniformity of wind resistance is better than that of water resistance rowing devices, which means that the transition between each paddle is very smooth and uniform.

2. Water resistance. Because each time the oar is pulled, the water flow driven by the oar will sink with gravity, so there is a sense of pause when paddling.


4.the level of noise

1. Wind resistance uses the resistance of wind. The greater the resistance, the faster the speed, the greater the noise.

2. The water resistance uses the sound of the blades beating against the water, the noise is relatively small, and the sound of the water has an immersive feeling.


5. maintenance

1. Water tanks with water resistance need to be taken care of, such as purchasing disinfection water purification tablets, preventing water tank leakage, etc., so the usual maintenance will be more troublesome than wind resistance.


6. Durability

1. The material used in the water resistance is mostly solid wood, which is prone to wear and tear during exercise. The water tank is also prone to corrosion of wood, and its durability is relatively poor.

2. The materials used for wind resistance are mostly aluminum alloy and plastic, which have good durability.

In summary, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In comparison, water resistance rowing machines are suitable for homes, offices, fitness studios and other scenes, while wind resistance is more suitable for environments such as gyms and professional rowing teams.

What is the difference between water resistance and wind resistance?What is the difference between water resistance and wind resistance?