What makes the best car roof tent?

03 Feb.,2023


kings roof top tent

UV Resistant

Virtually every time you use your rooftop tent you will be exposing it to the sun. Thus, it’s important that the material isn’t going to be affected by the sun’s rays. UV rays that are thrown out by the sun will fade or even degrade the material on your roof tent. By making sure the material used in your roof tent is UV resistant then you will prolong the life of your tent. Which fabrics do this the best? Materials such as Polyester, Nylon and Ripstop are all great UV resistant fabrics. For more information on the best fabrics for the outdoors, see this helpful article.


Mould Resistant

As a resident of the UK, we all know that camping here will no doubt at some point involve rain. But this is not the only way your tent will get wet, morning drew or even condensation with make your roof tent wet or damp. Consequently, you will need to dry your tent out before packing away and this isn’t always possible. So being able to pack your tent away while still damp is an important factor.

Mould resistant material will stop your roof tent from going mouldy, (but not forever!). You still need to air your rooftop tent out, if you put it away wet or very damp. The keyword here is ‘resistant’, make sure not to leave your tent wet across the winter. If you have packed it away wet, wait for the next dry day and give it a little airing to stop it from being mouldy when you open it the following summer.