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28 Nov.,2022


CN88/12 Fire Proof FR Fabric

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Mflam CT93 is durable flame retardant to be used in polyester fabric. Until now, it is the best one to finish PES fabrics, since it has 30-50 washing times. Mainly it is applied in furniture, automotive, toy industry.


CAS No: 170836-68-7, mixture of substance: 41203-81-0 & 42595-45-9

Chemical Composition: Organic cyclic phosphonate

Appearance: Clear or clear yellowish liquid

Density (20℃): About 1.28g/cm³

Viscosity (cp.s): 2000-7000

Solid content: ~ 93%

Color (APHA#): ≤50

Acid Number (mg KOH/g): ≤20

PH value (10%): 2.0-3.0

Phosphorus content %: ≥19

DMMP content %: ≤0.5

Water content %: ≤7.0

Properties and Features

1.It can be used in the treatment of polyester fabrics to give a durable finish.

2.95~100% of the FR present on the finished fabric after the process rinse is retained after 50 home launderings at 60oC. FR retention exceeds 90% after 10 dry cleaning cycles following an initial process rinse.

3.I t doesn't cause yellowing for the finished white textile commonly.

4.Because it is halogen-free, there is no harmful gas when it burning.

5.Because it has no antimony and formaldehyde, it is a healthy agent.

6.Good hand and drapability of treated fabrics.

7.There is no adverse effect to light resistant.

Introduction of Usage

Padding process

Reference: Mflam CT93 60-200g/L

1.Dissolve sufficient Mflam CT in water and the aqueous solutions should be buffered to about 6~6.5. A 10% solution can be buffered with either disodium orthophosphate or 0.3~0.35 g/l sodium carbonate. Add 1.0~3.0 g/l wetting agent if required.

2.Pad to 40~70% wet pick up→Drying (100~130oC 1-2min)→ Baking (190~205oC 0.5-1.5min)

3.Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove any surface chemical which might affect fabric handle and finally dry.

Dosage is determined by fabric type, construction, weight and the flame retardancy performance require

Package and Stock

1250kg IBC or 250kg/125kg PE Drum, or by request.

Keep in cool and dry place.