A Quick Guide to Buying Loose Beads

15 Nov.,2022


Loose Jewelry Beads

Loose beads come in an infinite combination of colors, shapes, styles, & materials. The options are truly endless! Any true beader has a wide collection of loose beads ready when inspiration strikes. Buying loose beads is a great money saver and allows you to purchase a wide variety of beads all at once! Shopping for wholesale loose beads seem overwhelming, but this quick guide will help you make sense of the process.

Materials Loose beads come in many different materials, from the typical to the rare. Different materials have different values, so that may come into play as you select your loose beads.

  • Glass – Glass beads have a refined look, and are great for experienced beaders looking to create jewelry or other beaded projects. Loose glass beads come in a rainbow of colors and a variety of sizes, perfect for any masterpiece.
  • Plastic – Plastic are the most affordable of all loose beads, and are great for children’s crafts and other crafting projects. Plastic beads come in a range of bright colors and can be molded into any shape you desire!
  • Stone – Stone beads and gemstone beads are commonly used for jewelry. Gemstone beads may have different healing properties and greatly differ in coloring. Earthy stone beads are a naturally beautiful choice.
  • Crystal – For a sparkling look, crystal beads have a unique luminosity. They are used in projects of all varieties that need a touch of glam.
  • Found Objects – Found objects like stones, shells, animal teeth, and other unique pieces can work wonderfully as loose beads. You can make your own beads from found objects, but they can also be purchased.

Size Loose beads can differ greatly in size. Different sizes of wholesale loose beads have different uses, and also determine the type of project you make and the type of stringing material you use.

  • Small – Small beads are the most common beads, and can easily be found in craft stores. Small loose beads tend to be mass-produced and can be purchased in very large quantities. They are a great choice for simple craft or jewelry projects.
  • Large – Large beads may be over an inch in diameter. These beads add weight to a project, and are often used as focal points in jewelry making.

Purpose Depending on the type of project, there are different requirements for loose beads. Before you make a purchase, consider when you’ll need the beads for so you’ve got the perfect materials on hand.

  • Sewing – When selecting loose beads for sewing, it is best to choose small, round beads that don’t add bulk to clothing or other fabrics. Beads should also be smooth, as not to injure whoever is wearing them!
  • Jewelry – Jewelry making allows for a great range of loose beads. Depending on your preference of jewelry style, you can select the loose beads that interest you. Keep an eye out for loose gemstones and specialty beads for an extra special project.
  • Crafting – Beads can be used for card making, decorations, and other fun crafting projects. Most loose beads can be used for crafting, so it’s up to you which beads you use.
  • Children’s – You can buy specific loose beads for children’s projects. These are often large with larger holes that make them easier to string. Shop colorful plastic beads that appeal to kids of all ages!

Wholesale loose beads are a great purchase to have on hand for any beader. Stock up on loose beads in a variety of materials and sizes so you’re prepared for jewelry making, crafting, and more. Our wide selection of loose beads is sure to thrill any beader, whether beginner or professional.