How Does smartwatch work? Everything you need to know

18 Jul.,2022

You know how does smartwatch work? But apart from basic features you need to know other features and more How Does a smartwatch work Everything you need to know


smartwatch with ecg and blood pressure

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure that you have bought the technology jewel for you. And now it is ready to dominate your wrist.

Although I know that, you know how does a smartwatch work? But apart from basic features, you need to know other features and more.

And as soon as you open your box and take out the smartwatch and wear it on your wrist, you will immediately get a related question of operations in your mind.

You will have to navigate menus and know other aspects definitely. But you will still have confusion. And so I will clear your doubts today.

How Does smartwatch work: Detailed information

Let me tell you one thing that many companies that are working in the electronic industry have started manufacturing smartwatches. Because the wearable market is increasing day by day.

Let me tell you that along with seeing the time in these wearable devices, such functions are present, which functions we use in our smartphone.

But wearable devices can operate functions from our wrist itself. In particular, we are able to monitor our health activities accurately.

But let me clarify one thing, there is no similarity between Smartwatch and Smartphone.

Not only this, but smartwatches also come with many different functions. Our needs are all different. And according to our needs, we have to select the smartwatch.

Now if you want to explore full-fledged features, then I am going to tell you a detailed guide in this article.

I will tell you an overview of smartwatches features so that you will be able to know and compare these features yourself.

So, read it till the end so that your doubts will be clear.

So let's know how does a smartwatch work?

Compatibility and Operating system with smartphones

How Smartwatches work

All smartwatches are different from one another. What I already told you.  The companies that make smartwatches are different, apart from that the design, display, operating system, and much more are different.

And to understand the same thing, you first need to know about compatibility. Because it happens with smartphones, it is very important to know.

I do one thing. I describe the comprehensive operating system on the smartwatch so that you can understand which is installed on your device.

Android Wear is an operating system developed by Google.

Which is intended to be a customized and customized version of Android for wearable devices such as smartwatches.

The only purpose of this is to create an optimized version of android for a device like a smartwatch.

It is a system that is compatible with Android smartphones version 4.3 and later. 

Let's know How does smartwatch work with iPhone?

Apart from this, it can also be compatible with iPhone if iOS version 9 or higher is updated.

With Apple devices, it may happen that there is not complete compatibility and some functions may be limited.

One of my advice is to check the WearCheck link from your smartphone to see if it is compatible with Android Wear OS.

WatchOS is an operating system present in the apple watch device. And this system only works with iPhone 5s or later devices and iOS 11 or later.

Obviously, if you have an iPhone then you should take an apple watch and this is the best option.

Other Operating System:

You can easily select the smartwatch by filtering according to the features, according to your budget.

Some smartwatches use their own operating system which is different from Android Wear and WatchOS. The compatibility of iOS and Android with smartphones is somewhat guaranteed.

How does Display and interaction work in the smartwatch?

The display is the second most important thing in a Smartwatch.

The first thing you have to check is whether the display is also visible in sunlight?

I will tell you here how our intention towards the display smartwatch can change? I mean to say that the display has a very important role.

Smartwatch has OLED or AMOLED such screens. Which has a darker black color, which gives more contrast?

And this technology is also used in wearable devices. With which you can see the display in sunlight without any problem in a very good way.

If we talk about the LCD screen then it is bright. Yes, there is a problem that autonomy will be less but its performance in direct sunlight is outstanding.

But it all depends on one thing that how will the quality in actual? And that is the quality of the inserted panel inside the display.

Now we have to associate some more points with it. Such as always-on display. 

These features will always keep your device's screen on or access.

But my only advice is that you keep this function on during some important training sessions.

Otherwise, the display is quite a key element. If you do not have any required session or training, then you should deactivate this function. Because consumption is also very important for us.

If you have to optimize your smartwatch, then it will be great if you keep the energy-saving mode active.

Activating this mode on some devices disables some smart functions. Only a basic time function remains on the display.

Not all smartwatches have a touchscreen display. Some smartwatches also have buttons on the side to operate and navigate.

There are some devices in which there is a combined interaction between the two types.

Completely different interactions exist in hybrid smartwatches. Hybrid smartwatches mean smartwatches that do not have a display to display information screen. 

How do Hardware and Sensor features work in the smartwatch?

Now let's talk about hardware and sensor. This allows the processing of these devices to be executed and along with it guarantees third-party apps.

Now it also happens that sensors and parts are different in different smartwatches.

It is also necessary to know about processor and RAM and internal memory.

When you install an application in a smartwatch, you can take advantage of internal storage. 

Sometimes it takes time to start any of your processes. The process runs very slow. All these problems depend on the processor and RAM.

In simple words, if your device's RAM or processor is not powerful, then you will take the time to process anything, download an application, or execute anything. And you will feel a bad experience.

Smartwatch has many more features like the speaker, microphone. And with these features, you can answer the call without taking your smartphone in hand.

Many smartwatches also have a SIM or eSIM slot. So that you can receive and outgoing calls without connecting your smartphone.

Now speaking of the other most important features, heart rate monitoring, pedometer, GPS and health-related features come in many smartwatches.

And remember, a smartwatch with such features will be useful in tracking and training sessions.

GPS will also help you with real-time navigation. But keep in mind that this GPS function will reduce the battery of your device. 

The degree of resistance is also an important point. Which is certified by the manufacturer of the smartwatch.

Assuming IP certification is not mentioned in the features of the smartwatch, then it means that this device will be damaged by dust and underwater.

If we talk about the latest smartwatch, then it is IP67 or IP68 certified.

One thing you have to fix in your mind is that IP68 certification is much better than IP67 certification. 

Before buying any smartwatch, you should also see what the manufacturer's recommendations are.

Connectivity is also playing a vital role here. without which it would not work.

Bluetooth function is present with most smartwatches which are quite necessary. Apart from this, Wi-Fi and NFC are also present in many smartwatches.

You might have query in your mind that Do you need a smartphone to have a smartwatch?

How do Notifications and Application work in the smartwatch?

As soon as you connect your smartwatch to the internet or your smartphone, you will start receiving notifications on your smartwatch such as emails, text messages, Whatsapp notifications, Facebook notifications, etc.

Now you wonder how will you know about the notification? So as soon as the notification comes, you will feel the vibration as we feel on the smartphone. Which you can see by swipe up or using buttons.

You will also find some applications that you can run independently from a direct smartwatch without a smartphone.

If you have a smartwatch with WatchOS or Android Wear, then you can download such an application from a direct smartwatch only.

You will not need your smartphone for this.

Likewise, Smartwatches also have pre-installed applications of workouts. For which there can also be a dedicated button.

Overall How does Smartwatch work?


There are many factors in the answer to how a smartwatch works.

See, apps also have the biggest contribution in making smartwatch the best or being useful. 

The ecosystems that apps have varies because they are tied to the nature of Google or Apple.

Some dedicated sports smartwatches whose motto is to fulfill diving, hiking, swimming, etc. will support similar applications which will serve the purpose.


Notifications alert you on display for crucial events or activities.

Notifications also vary alerts. 

If your device is connected to the smartphone then you will get your phone's notifications on your wrist.

However, some smartwatches only display wearable cloud notifications.

Like the fall sensor is also present in the latest Apple Watch.

If the apple smartwatch does not detect any movement, then it sends escalating notifications.

If you are not responding to the notification, the smartwatch assumes that you are injured and alerts the authorities on your behalf.

Voice Message:

Modern smartwatches support wear operating systems or watchOS to support voice messaging.

Media Handling: 

Smartwatches are paired with smartphones so that media management is also easy.

For example, if you are listening to music using Airpods on your iPhone, then you can also change the tracks and volume through Apple Watch.


GPS feature is available in most smartwatches for perfect location tracking.

Fitness Tracker:

If you are an athlete then according to me a fitness band would be more suitable than a smartwatch.

Of course, there are many smartwatches available that have features like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and many more activities.

Battery Life:

Battery life will vary from smartwatch to smartwatch.

If I talk about Apple Watch, then the battery lasts for approx 18 hours in normal use of Apple smartwatch.

Whereas if we talk about Pebble, it lasts for 2 to 3 days. (Normal Use)

All these points are necessary for the working of smartwatches.

By the way, we have seen a lot of points regarding how do smartwatches work?

But before how smartwatches work, do you know who first brought this smartwatch?

First Smartwatch

In 2012 Sony was the first company that released the modern smartwatch.

By the way, the wave of smartwatches in the biggest market came during a money raise on Kickstarter by an unknown company.

The makers of the Pebble watch raised more than $10 million in money from April 2012 to May 2012.

Talking about the second campaign, it is Omate TrueSmart. 

Omate TrueSmart was the first such watch in which you did not need to connect with the smartphone.

It had GPS and could easily use Android apps.

Who Makes Smartwatch Smart?

Simply Smartwatch is made smart by its smart features. 

Let's know.

Smartwatches i.e. digital watches have emerged in their own style.

These digital watches run well with the apps present in the smartphones.

This smartwatches can also run digital media

Now touch screens are present in most smartwatches.

Mostly smartwatch manufacturers Apple, Samsung, Realme, etc design smartwatches in a way that interacts with phones.

FAQ On How Does smartwatch work?

Que 1: Do Smartwatches need a data plan?

Ans 1: No. Smartwatch is considered a smart technology jewel. It works with your smartphone. Although it depends on the type of smartwatch you using. You can easily pair to your mobile device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So it does not need any data plan.

Que 2: Are smartwatches worth it?

Ans 2: Obviously. Is worth it. You should use a smartwatch rather than a basic watch.

Que 3: What's the point of a smartwatch?

Ans 3: As per my according Notifications and Health Tracking features. You can easily process it on your wrist. It saves time also.

Que 4: What is a smartwatch and how does it work?

Ans 4: Smartwatch is like a digital jewel. Most important is health tracking features and notifications. You can also play digital audio or media also like music and video.

Que 5: Can you text on a smartwatch?

Ans 5: In Android wear, you can easy to text and send messages. It is not like a big deal. It is really very simple.

Conclusion on How Does a smartwatch work?

I think you have got the idea that how does a smartwatch work?

There is only one thing you need to keep in mind before buying a Smartwatch.

The smartwatch should be selected keeping in mind the above-mentioned features and keeping in mind your budget.

The wearable market is growing rapidly as demand is also high. Especially through a smartwatch, you can track your health accurately and through that data, you can also improve your health correctly.

You will find many categories ranging from basic smartwatch to advance smartwatch.

Yes, there is one thing that core features like smartphones cannot be found in smartwatches. But still, you can make the process easier by connecting to the smartphone.

I hope you liked my article about How do smartwatch work?

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Thank You.