Rare, Gem-Quality Fairburn Agate - SOLD 3.68" Nodule

06 Jan.,2023


different types of agates

This particular agate comes from "Teepee Canyon" near Custer, South Dakota. It was formed as a part of the Minnelusa Formation, a Late Carboniferous deposit from 300,000,000 years ago.

The agates were previously held by a private museum in Custer, South Dakota for many decades and recently deaccessioned. The area is now closed to new mining making these particular specimens rarer still.

As shown, the specimen exhibits the classic Fairburn patterns. We have several different agates available, each with rich colors running from bands of reds, browns, and orange to blue, black, yellow, and white. You can see all currently available agates at the collection below.

This specimen will ship in a sturdy carton and will also include a full-size Mini Museum Certificate of Authenticity.