What are the Basic Manufacturing Capabilities of PCBA?

30 Dec.,2021

As a team of professionals building your PCBA,we share this blog with you.


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As a team of professionals building your PCBA,we share this blog with you.


PCBA Manufacturing Capability 1: Certified Quality Control

The first requirement your CM should meet is a commitment to quality. This can be demonstrated by an unbiased assessment or certification that the manufacturing phase of your CM meets industry standards such as ISO 9001, IPC-A-610, J-STD-01, ANSI 2020:2014, AS9100D, and ISO 13485.


PCBA Manufacturing Capability 2: Agile Manufacturing

Just as important as having a process that meets the highest quality standards is flexibility or the ability to make changes quickly without sacrificing quality and the need for additional equipment or expertise. This agile manufacturing is changing the PCBA production model and is critical for the following key industries: aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.


PCBA Manufacturing Capability 3: Open and Transparent Communication

For decades, board designers and cm have been isolated in the dilemma that they have limited understanding of each other's intent or technical requirements. Fortunately, white-box attempts to create a symbiotic relationship between designers and cm are becoming popular. The benefits of open and transparent communication are the best use of DFM guidelines, reduced risk of boards not being able to use them, and a low probability of field failures.


PCBA Manufacturing Capability 4: Clear and easily accessible DFM

This feature keeps pace with manufacturing capability 3 above. In order for your PCBA development to realize the benefits of DFM, rules, and guidelines must be integrated into your design software to ensure effective DFM checks are performed.


PCBA Manufacturing Capability 5: Safe and Secure Supply Chain

Cm must also provide a safe and secure supply chain from input, component, and design data files to PCBA output, assembly, and assembly. This includes avoiding counterfeiting, applying appropriate protection methods, and remaining resilient in the event of emergencies and events beyond your control.


Is your CM's manufacturing capability being measured?

If optimization of PCBA development is the goal, then this question must be answered soberly. As a help, the potential risks of using a CM that does not have these capabilities are listed below:

Development risks for PCBAs when reviewing CM functions

Lack of capability Potential Risks
Certification quality control Poor quality boards with unacceptable yields
Agile manufacturing Longer turnaround times, increased costs, lower board quality or missed delivery deadlines
Transparent communication Incorrect quotes, layout adjustments in manufacturing, redesign, extended turnaround times
DFM Auxiliary Functions Extended design time, incorrect rule prioritization, increased design-build-test (DBT) cycle time
Secure supply chain Counterfeit or poor quality components, premature board failure


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