Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

13 Jun.,2022

Want skylights in your home but have a few questions first? Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about skylights.


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Skylights seem pretty straightforward, right? They're windows in your ceiling that let in light and views of the sky.

But when we stop to think more about skylights, there are quite a few questions that come to mind. So many, that we've decided to dedicate a post to some of the most frequently asked questions about skylights.

Let's kick things off with...


Do skylights open?

Certain models do. These are known as venting skylights because of their ability to open and provide ventilation to the space below. VELUX's venting skylights include our


Are they safe?

Yep! VELUX skylights are built to last. We even have a hurricane-rated glass built to withstand extreme weather conditions. They're also safer than vertical windows since they're placed on the roof and aren't easily accessible. Additionally, skylights only open a few inches, preventing intruders from entering through them.

Certain VELUX roof windows, including those that count as egress windows, do open wider than a few inches, but they're able to be locked from the inside.


Will they let in bugs?

Nope! Venting skylights from VELUX come with an insect screen to prevent pests from coming in when they're open. The only things coming in through your skylight are daylight and fresh air.


Will they let in rain?

All VELUX skylights installed with our flashing are protected under our No Leak Warranty, which means they won't allow water to leak into your home no matter how hard it's pouring outside.

But what if you accidentally leave your skylight open and it starts to rain? VELUX Solar and Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights are equipped with rain sensors that automatically close your skylight at the first sign of rain - even if you're not home when the showers start.


Won't they make my house hotter?

At times, a skylight can warm the room they're in. But with the right positioning and blinds, skylights won't seriously affect your home's temperature. For example, south- and west-facing skylights are exposed to the most direct sunlight, which can cause an increase in heat gain. But north- or east-facing skylights may not bring in any direct sunlight at all. And with VELUX blinds that block varying degrees of light, you're in full control of how much light (and heat) come in when.


What if I have an attic?

You can still install a skylight! The semantics vary a little from house to house - your installer can explain a little more about this for your home - but when we install a skylight above an attic, we build what we call a light shaft. Basically, your installers will create a hole in the roof where the skylight will go and a hole in your ceiling directly beneath it. They'll then connect those holes with walls to close off the attic space between them. When they're done, the area around your skylight will look like a continuation of your ceiling and you'll be able to enjoy the daylight it provides.


Or a flat roof?

You can also install a skylight! In fact, we have two skylights specifically for flat roofs. The VELUX No Leak Fixed Skylight can also be installed on flat roofs, so you've got a few options to choose from.


If you've got more questions that weren't answered here, check out our website for even more frequently asked questions - or to ask your own!