How to Close a VELUX Window

13 Jun.,2022

You can effortlessly close VELUX windows with your hands, a tool, or with a press of a button. To manually close windows, simply push the control bar, or use a tool like a crank handle or telescopic rod to help. Alternatively, connect your...


Window Opening Pole

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You can close a VELUX window manually, with a crank, or with a remote control. To close a VELUX window by hand, grab the thin metal control bar at the top of the window and push until the window snaps into place. VELUX windows come equipped with a ventilation flap at the top of the window, which you can close as well if you like. If your window has a crank handle, simply turn the handle clockwise a few times until the window shuts. Or, if you have a solar-powered VELUX window, you can use your control pad to close it. To do this, first, click on the home icon, then select your language. Once you do this, the control pad should automatically search and locate nearby windows to connect to. Select the window you want to control, then press the closed window icon to close it. To learn how to set a timer for closing your VELUX windows, read on!

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