Skylight Shades

13 Jun.,2022

Check out our designer, custom Skylight shades at NY City Blinds in New York, NY. Pick your design by visiting our page.


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Skylight blinds are shades designed to cover your skylights and regulate your home’s lighting, cooling, and heating – whether fully closed, fully open, or any position in between. The installation is different and more complex than typical windows, but there are several designs: from the simplest Roman shades to an energy-efficient honeycomb design, to a completely adjustable motorized. NY City Blinds can design, fabricate, and install a variety of skylight shades in your home. Skylight blinds and shades are available in manual or motorized options, installed by our in-house electricians.

Electric skylight shades take all the work out of controlling the amount of sunlight your living space or office receives. No more reaching up to the roof window multiple times a day to open and block out sunlight when you need to. You have total control with a remote from anywhere in the room.

Skylights are available with the following products: Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, roller shades.