What is the benefit of expensive tool chests?

19 Oct.,2022


Tool Cabinet

Something that is hard to convince people about, is that sometimes the higher upfront costs on items actually make them less expensive in the long run. The SO roll cab I just bought is 10 years old, has been well cared for, but I can still get any part I need for it within about 72 hours. Try that with many of the other brands that simply contract out production on a bid per lot basis. Try buying replacement parts for them if you have a failure and it's been more than 2-3 years since the vendor quit carrying the item.

Too many people fall in to the trap that buying low cost, questionable quality stuff is always less expensive in the long run. If you use your tools hard, and keep them up, many times, more than not, the higher quality and often higher cost item really ends up being less expensive in the end. Especially, if you value your time for making forward progress on projects over what it requires to fix, modify or replace the lower price or quality item.

A good example are the air hoses that I just replaced. I bought some high grade Goodyear hoses in 1984. I just replaced the last two of them with some Smartflex hoses. I paid about 25$ each for those original hoses. The guys I shared a show with at that time, were buying the cheapie HF hoses and having to replace them about every 4 months or so. They were okay with it, until I pointed out that every time they had to go get some more, it cost them half a day out of the shop, 10 gallons of gas and the cost of the hoses. Soon after the next hose failure, a bulk roll of quality hose and a couple of boxes of fittings showed up...

So, does it mean that everyone needs to buy the best or most expensive out there....Nope, one should be selecting items based on their actual and projected needs and work habits. Budget is going to factor in too, but be realistic in what it costs you in time and effort and lost shop time and capability between buying on the bottom end vs higher quality and cost.