02 Nov.,2022


reefer truck partition booard

 DRICORE SMARTWALL provides a consistent, longer-lasting and higher quality finished basement. The patented all-in-one modular wall system maintains strict production requirements on the insulation, OSB, and drywall. The edge of the panels are micro-beveled producing seams that are almost invisible to the eye.  The engineered tongue & groove design is less susceptible to warping and DRICORE SMARTWALL uses only 1/10th of the screws to install compared to traditional framing, which results in less potential screw pops. Plus, the slimmer profile maximizes your living space.

 DRICORE SMARTWALL is an engineered all-in-one panel that is 70% faster to install than traditional framing. The panels include Easy Wire Channels, making running electrical wires a breeze, and the Tapeless Joint Technology requires a minimum amount of mudding. DRICORE SMARTWALL is 29% more energy efficient than traditional framing as it contains encapsulated framing and high-density EPS foam insulation. The panels also contain Vapour Shield Technology to protect against moisure and inorganic EPS foam which is less susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

 Finally, DRICORE SMARTWALL reduces the mess that comes with finishing a basement. DRICORE PatchPro compound requires 75% less mudding than traditional framing, resulting in less sanding. Being an all-in-one product reduces the amount of cut-offs or scraps.