Partition Board,Bulkhead For Refrigerated Trucks

02 Nov.,2022


reefer truck partition booard

When using Bevel Type Partition Board, the compartment must undergo special modification, install ventilation slots at two upper corners of the compartment. A number of thermal bulkhead can be used in the compartment based on the needs to divide in into different sections, the temperatures of different sections are managed by the temperature control on the ventilation slots.

The introduction of reefer truck partition booard

The main function of the multi temperature partition refrigerated truck is to isolate or control the air circulation and separate the car into different temperature intervals. The temperature isolation partition board is divided into ordinary temperature isolation partition board and temperature control temperature partition board. 

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Reefer Truck Partition Application

An insulated bulkhead is a thermal barrier in a trailer, truck body or van that separates fresh, frozen or dry goods. This allows multiple temperatures in one vehicle, or the reduction of cooled space to reduce energy consumption


Product Modality

This product is divided into five types according to different user needs, including Basic Type, Bevel Type, Groove Type, Temperature Control Type, and Orbit Type. It can also be customized according to your own use needs. We provide customers with fittings, such as supporting rods, guard bars, goods-controlled belts, and fasteners, to meet different demands of cargo loading.


Features of Our Bevel-type Partition Board

1. Surface: Smooth and Beautiful

2. Handle: Cloth handle is designed to prevent hands from chafing.

3. Base: Wear-resisting and protective base can protect the thermal insulating board and make it more durable.

4. Three sides: The top and the two sides are designed like arcs, so they are characterized by heat preservation, wear resistance, and wrinkle resistance.

5. Material quality: The three-layer composite technology is used to enhance material strength. It can withstand 250 kg. XPS, PVC, and PU have a thickness of 7 centimeters.

6. Shrinkage rate: Low shrinkage rate can perfectly solve cold loss caused by low temperature. The shrinkage rate is only 0.04% above minus 25 degrees centigrade.

7. Waterproof: Waterproof PVC certified by SGS is used.

8. Handiness: 1 square meter/4.5kg


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