Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescue deer from sharp, metal ring in Colorado Springs

15 Mar.,2023


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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescued a deer from a sharp, metal ring that was caught in its hoof, officials tweeted Tuesday.

The deer was spotted limping in a residential area on Monday.

Officer Travis Sauder and Technician Jaimie Sommerfeld responded to the incident.

Wildlife officials said they sedated the deer in order to cut off the metal ring from its "bloody" hoof.

According to the tweet, Sommerfeld attempted to gently slide the ring over the deer's hoof. After that plan failed, she started to gently cut the ring with tin snippers until it broke free.

Wildlife officials said they cleaned and treated the deer's hoof with ointment and a "reverse drug was administered to revive the buck." The deer was "groggy" once it woke up.

Another amazing rescue from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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