Temporary Softball Fencing

06 Mar.,2023


Need a temporary softball fence for your field or facility? You’ve come to the right place! Portable softball fencing is the perfect solution for fields that do not have a permanent outfield fence.

Our temporary outfield fence selection is available in size ranges from 50 feet to 471 feet to accommodate any softball outfield fence or facility needs.

Our most popular temporary softball fencing package features a durable polyethylene square mesh construction with permanent vinyl pockets that hold the included support poles. You simply slide the poles through the vinyl pockets in the fencing without the need to secure them with clips or other fasteners. The poles in these softball fences feature a flexible design that enhances safety by allowing some “give” when a player runs into the fence.

We offer optional ground socket packages that secure your temporary fence into the field, as well as allowing for faster set-up and breakdown.

You’ll also find free-standing temporary softball field fencing built with a heavy-duty plastic grid interior and a PVC pipe frame that is excellent for outfield fencing or for use as a crowd control barrier. A free-standing, temporary foul pole built with PVC is also available that is compatible with PVC style outfield fencing, as well as with other temporary fencing.

Our portable softball fence selection also includes poly mesh fencing that attaches to the support poles via clip fasteners, which allows you to roll up the fencing with the poles attached for easy set-up, breakdown, and storage.