Everything You Need to Know About PVC Pipes

06 Mar.,2023


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An underground PVC pipe network is also used for sewage systems. They are used for rainwater drainage from roofs and other structures. They are also used to construct sprinkler systems for landscaping and also fire sprinkler systems in buildings.

The hot water in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling) systems are transported through pipes made of CPVC, a variant of PVC. Cold water in HVAC systems is channeled through PVC pipes.

PVC water supply pipes are also used for agricultural irrigation. It generally saves 30-50% water compared to open channel systems. It can also prevent the occurrence of soil salinization, swamping and cold flooding. Most of the PVC water pipe network is buried underground, so the land utilization rate is high.

The PVC pipeline water delivery system is flexible, convenient, easy to adjust and realize automation, and is suitable for various terrains and soils. Moreover, the water delivery speed is fast, the irrigation efficiency is high, the maintenance is easy.

PVC pipe fittings like bends, branches, valves, brackets and clips can be used in a wide range of pipelines and construction. They can be used to update older pipeline systems that could be wearing out with age. The weakness of pipeline networks lies mainly in the integrity of their joints. PVC pipes can be used to reinforce the junction points so that the entire network will not have to be revamped.

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