Traffic Barrel Still Standing

03 Mar.,2023


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Does the world seem hopeless? Does it seem scary? Does it seem uncertain? No worries, calm yourself – Traffic Barrel Still Standing! And long stand the Traffic Barrel.

I found this Twitter account recently, called @TrafficBarrels. It’s nothing remarkable or special about it and that’s what makes it so good. The account simply follow and updates the events of a random abandoned traffic barrel. Here, read the directly quoted BIO:

An updated account detailing a random abandoned traffic barrel and the daily activities surrounding it. Traffic Barrel is simply here for assistance #BarrelGang

@TrafficBarrels as of 2020-11-09

Why bring this Traffic Barrel any attention?

Because it makes me a bit happier 🙂

And I hope it might bring some encouragement to you too, just in case it might do the same for you. Why, I’m sharing this. First of all, if you ever even glanced on a Twitter feed you might have noticed that people way o many things seems angry and urgent all the time. (Although they seldom are.) I have suggested in an earlier blog post to approach twitter more like a cocktail party, and if to follow up on that analogy – those you follow are like your cocktail party guests. Don’t only invite those angry urgency tweeters, bring in some of good spirits as well.

@TrafficBarrels is one of them optimists with an ongoing fighting spirit that may bring joy and hope to any party. Because no matter how ugly things might get out there in this world, you can always trust that Traffic Barrel is still standing.

I actually grew to like this Twitter account more and more overtime. Not because its revolutionary content, but rather its calm optimism. That’s acted like a beacon of light between all the other barrages of political campaigning and COVID-19 pandemic alerts. And that’s why I think @TrafficBarrels is worth a follow and some attention, because among all other things – it’s just nice to hear that Traffic Barrel is still standing from now and then.

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